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You might be able to leave your wallet at home.  We can bill your insurance directly.

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We have a Chiropractor, Clinical Counsellor Massage therapy student


Dr. Spencer Devenney is available at two locations to serve you better.  One in Sardis (Garrison Crossing) and one on Mary Street

Registered Clinical Counsellor

We have a counsellor who will be seeing clients in the evening.

Massage Therapy

We have a massage therapy student who is seeing clients out of the office, as a student with discounted rates 

Custom Orthotics

We offer custom made orthotics, come get a high tech scan today, it’s FREE


We offer supplements as a way to support your body in optimal health.

Rock Tape

Who would have thought that tape could help you move better, this isn’t any old tape!

Booking an appointment has never been so easy.

You might be able to leave your wallet at home. *

Extended Benefits Billing

We were Chilliwacks first clinic to bill directly to extended medical plans.

Work Safe BC

If you are hurt at work you are likely covered by Work Safe.


Direct Billing for care after a car accident, focus on getting better, not worrying about how your going to pay for treatment.

Medical Services Plan of BC

You may qualify for 10 visits a year at a subsidized rate.

DVA – Department of Vetrans Affairs

If you have served in the military you may eligible to have treatment covered.


Thanks for taking care of our safety,
let us help take care of your health.

*not all clinicans can bill directly. 

The ChiroMEDIX Team

Dr. Spencer Devenney
Chiropractor/Clinic Director
Tyler Yost MEdu RCC

Registered Clinical Counsellor.

Dr. Spencer Devenney is a member of "The leading physicians of the world"

Dr. Spencer Devenney
is a member of the “leading physicians of the world” website.

Top Chiropractic & Therapy in Chilliwack BC
ChiroMEDIX is ranked as a top Chiropractic & Therapy in Chilliwack BC BC
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BCCA - BC Chiropractic association Member

Dr. Devenney is a member of the British Columbia Chiropractic association.

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