Registered Massage Therapist

ChiroMEDIX Chilliwack – Krista has joined our team!

Massage Therapy is a fantastic addition to the team at ChiroMEDIX.  We are always adding to the team, so that we can have a team of skilled practitioners under one roof who can communicate and work together to help you move forward!




Our Story


Massage therapy is often different than one might expect.  There are many times during a massage of a trigger point or tendonitis that the treatment is uncomfortable.

Relaxation is often not the point of treatment with an RMT (Registered Massage Therapist) IE it isn’t so much about having you feel good during the hour of treatment as it is about having you feel better for the days weeks and months following treatment.

Our massage therapy team has proven to be a valuable part of the ChiroMEDIX team.  We have found that when we work together, we Move You Forward faster and more completely than we might be able to do on our own.  We have found a massage therapy provider!

Her name is Krista Winnig, feel free to book online or call and we can set you up with her.



What’s your Story?



Does it hurt when you raise your arm, or bend your knee a specific way?



Does it hurt in your shoulder or your hip when you roll over onto your side?



Do you hurt all over all the time, and have a hard time sleeping?  Have you been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, and wonder who might be able to help?



Did you know that massage therapy is often helpful after a car accident?  Treatment is also often covered by ICBC.



What is your Story?

Massage Therapy at ChiroMEDIX might fit into your story.