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  • What is the standard length of treatment?
    The intial appointment is 45 minutes. Once we have a diagnosis, treatment is pretty quick during subsequent visits.
  • What is the popping sound?
    The "crack" or "pop" that is heard is the sound of the restricted joint releasing gas when the joint moves. This allows more movement in the joint, as well as provides relief of muscle tension and pain.
  • Will an adjustment fix everything?
    The adjustment is only one small component to get you feeling better and back to feeling like your regular self! As the adjustment may only be a temporary fix for some people, it is very important to focus on self-care outside the clinic by continuing your prescribed exercises to keep you in a longer period of pain relief.
  • What do my feet have to do with my health?
    2.5 times your body weight goes through your heel every time you walk. You want the first point of contact for motion to be optimal so that the rest of your body's system can do it’s job--rather than compensating for poor foot mechanics.
  • Is Chiropractic treatment safe?
    Chiropractic adjustments are safe when performed by a trained and licensed professional. As a chiropractor, my malpractice is cheaper than my car insurance.
  • Do chiropractors work on other areas other than the spine?
    Yes, as chiropractors we have been trained to work on any joint and muscle and can identify nerve related pain in the body! As neuromusculoskeletal experts, we are educated on more than just the spine.
  • What can I expect on the first chiropractic visit?
    Please arrive 10 minutes before your initial consultation to fill out forms in our waiting area. We will then proceed with a thorough assessment including taking a history and completing an examination. Once a diagnosis is made, we will provide you with treatment options, including an explanation of the benefits and risks of each. For most first chiropractic visits we will have time to provide treatment. This can include: Adjustments Soft tissue therapy Traction therapy, Tape therapy Education education education Re-assurance about concerns, Exercise prescription/demonstration We look forward to seeing you soon!
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